Darryl Fisher

Founder & President, Dream Flights

Darryl Fisher is president, founder, and pilot of Dream Flights. He was born to fly as his parents and grandparents were pilots, but connecting the dots between that and working with senior citizens just sort of happened out of the blue. In 2011, Fisher agreed to help his dad fly a biplane from Mississippi to Oregon. “So I said, ‘Hey, we have to make 15 gas stops. Why don't we just stop in at some gas stops and see if there's some seniors at the local senior care communities that want to go, you know, veterans who want to go flying?’ So, our first flight was in Oxford, Mississippi, and it was just magic," Fisher recalled. The response was incredible, so much so, that Fisher and his wife started the nonprofit Dream Flights. The Foundation uses four 1940’s Boeing Stearman airplanes to give Dream Flights, primarily to seniors and military veterans, living in senior housing communities, at no charge. The airplanes are staged in different locations to allow the opportunity to honor seniors and veterans around the United States. This month, Dream Flights will provide their 6,000th flight.

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