Christian "Mister" McCartney


Christian McCartney began entertaining family members and guests when he was in pre-school, which is also when he began studying greats such as Jim Carrey and the Wayans brothers on In Living Color.  He began doing standup at age 19 in Baltimore, Maryland. His comedy is a combination of animated storytelling, energetic characters, and pure entertainment. Christian can be seen live on stage touring the country as well as on Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok where he has 5 million followers from around the world. Best known for his "talking some smack" sound which went viral in 2021 and has been used by the NFL, NBA, as well as numerous celebrities! He has performed with comedy legends such as Rich Vos, Aaron Webber, and Scott Seiss. Recently, Christian  portrayed Levi in the TV series spin off of the Andy Griffith Show known as Mayberry Man.  He was also a featured comedian at the 2023 Alive Music Festival which was the first stop of his self orchestrated tour "The Open Door Tour." "I love seeing other people smiling and God has blessed me with the ability to do that." Christian's faith and trust in God fuel him to become the man God wants him to be. Christian's Mission Statement: Laughter is good medicine, but Jesus Christ is the only healer!

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