Maryann Byrd

Founder, Southern Belle Biscuit

Southern Belle Biscuit Company is founded by Maryann Byrd of Nashville.  She is an award-winning journalist known for her PBS Documentary on the Southern Biscuit.  In 2007,  the PBS documentary The Rise of the Southern Biscuit won two Emmy's and three Telly awards, she also interviewed Southern biscuit makers in her book, “The Biscuit Dive Guide.”  She discovered how popular the topic of the Southern biscuit was and how fond memories were tied to this culinary icon of the South.  However, at the same time, she discovered the tradition of baking biscuits homemade in the Southern kitchen was dying in the South.

Order biscuit mix and sign up to take Maryann's Nashville biscuit class by going to her website.  

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