Sheree Wooten

Huck’s Hero & Founder, My Knockout

Sheree Wooten tells Huckabee how she has used boxing gloves to FIGHT cancer. Huck's Hero Sheree Wooten created an incredible organization, "My Knockout," to give hope to the hopeless.

After Sheree Wooten of Murfreesboro, Tennessee, received the devastating news in early spring 2004 that her mother, Gerrell Craig, had Liposarcoma. After surgery to remove a tumor the size of a small nerf football, doctors warned that if it came back, it would come with a vengeance, which it did the following spring.

My Knockout became an important part of her mother’s life. Having decided to forego chemo treatments to live what time she had with as much quality of life that she could, she focused on our boxing gloves project. The day before she left for that final trip home, the first replica of the gloves arrived, and Sheree's mother was ecstatic to see her project come to life. Through the gloves, she left a legacy that touched and inspired everyone who saw them.

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