Pat Boone

Legendary Entertainer

In the years immediately prior to the British Invasion, only one performer rivaled the chart dominance of Elvis Presley, and that was Pat Boone. Boone was the very essence of wholesome American values. At a time when the rise of Rock ‘n Roll was viewed as a sign of the apocalypse, he made the music appear safe and non-threatening, earning some 38 Top 40 hits in the process. Among his numerous awards and accolades, Boone has sold 45 million records worldwide, has 13 gold singles, two gold albums and a platinum album, and has recorded over 2,200 songs…more than any recording artist in recorded music history! He's starred in 15 movies, including 1957's Bernardine, and he has three stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2003 Boone was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame, along with Amy Grant and the Blind Boys of Alabama. He joins "Huckabee" to talk about his book "If," about how God chased him down and won his heart. Don't miss his interview on "Huckabee!"

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