Nate Kellum

Founder, Center for Religious Expression

This weekend we celebrate the hope and peace promised to us by the birth of a baby. A baby born to a single mom in a time where there was no one more ostracized in society than a single mother who had her child out of wedlock. Mary knew what might happen to her when God called her to carry the Messiah, but she embraced the responsibility anyway and carried the child. This baby was special not just because He was the son of God, but because—like all babies—he was created by God. The Supreme Court is currently deliberating over Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health, a very important case that could overturn Roe v Wade. As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we ought to pray for the births of millions more. Nate Kellum is founder and chief counsel of the Center for Religious Expression, and he's had a first hand look into the deliberations by the Supreme Court. He joins Mike to talk about this pivotal case.

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