Zion Clark

Professional Athlete/Advocate for Foster Care Reform

 Zion Clark was born with a rare birth defect called Caudeal Regression Syndrome that left him without legs. Given up for adoption at birth with no father in the picture and a mother who was unfit to take care of him, Zion had to fend for himself from the beginning. His childhood was a recipe for disaster , as he bounced between foster homes and was labeled a “problem child” causing the foster care system to give up on him early.  Zion didn’t let this stop him from learning new skills and he picked up wrestling and music at a young age.  He is now an All-American wrestler, an MMA fighter, a Guinness World Record holder, the subject of an EMMY Award winning Netflix documentary, an author and internationally acclaimed speaker who infuses humor, wit, powerful life lessons and infectious energy into everything he does.

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