Don Schoendorfer

Founder & President, Free Wheelchair Mission

We all want to help those who are living with disabilities. But with as many hurting people as there are, it can feel like our efforts are pointless. Our Huck's Hero, Don Schoendorfer, has proven that armed with the love of God and the talents he's gifted us with, a small act can turn into something far bigger than we ever imagined. With his organization, Free Wheelchair Mission, he has given away over 1.3 MILLION wheelchairs for FREE to people in some of the darkest and hardest to reach places. Through rigorous research and development, Don and his team have found a way to make a sturdy yet easy-to-repair wheelchair for less than $100! Learn more about Don Schoendorfer and the Free Wheelchair Mission this weekend on "Huckabee!"

And check out his work via the links to the left.

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