Brynn Cummings


Twelve-year-old Brynn Cummings has been enchanting audiences with her rare talent for combining magic and ventriloquism since she was 8. In 2019, she secured first place in the Stage Competition at the 82nd annual Abbott’s Magic Get Together, a magic convention held in Colon, Michigan, and in 2022 claimed the top spot in the Junior Open Mic at Vent Haven, an annual ventriloquist convention. She delivered a TED Talk, “How to Dream Like a 10-Year-Old,” about balancing her love of performing with the peer pressure of fitting in and has showcased her skills on the TV special “Penn & Teller: Try This at Home Too.” Most recently, Brynn competed on America’s Got Talent and made it to the live semifinals, where she placed in the Top 5. Brynn continues to captivate audiences with her mesmerizing performances, leaving her mark on the world of both magic and ventriloquism.

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