Brent Loper

Country Singer/Songwriter

After his dream of becoming a football player dissolved, Brent turned to music… he embarked on a two-year tour with the contemporary Christian band, Truth. “Those two years were extremely eye opening, and surreal. I tell people all the time I earned my college diploma out on the road”.  While traveling the globe playing over 600 shows with the band, Brent found his passion and gift for writing. Brent played locally and started to gain traction as a singer and songwriter. In 2016, Brent moved to Nashville to pursue his lifelong aspirations as a songwriter and artist. Since then, he’s written songs and worked with many industry giants such as Vince Gill, Steve Dorff, Jim Rushing, Anthony Smith, Waylon Payne, Wood Newton, Craig Campbell and others. In addition to his touring with Truth, he’s served as the drummer for the duo Joey + Rory and even dabbled in a little acting on film and television shows; and was a part of the stage theatre debut of Pure County. Most recently he held the title cut for Josiah Siska’s EP release, Three Chords At A Time as a part of the Emack Music Publishing writing team.

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