John Heerema

CEO, BigLife Global

In 1999, John Heerema was a successful business owner. John and his wife Kathy enjoyed a leisurely lifestyle in Naples, Florida. 
Sitting on the floor one evening with their young daughter and with a son on the way, John and Kathy reflected on how they had built the “perfect life.” Shortly thereafter, John was blindsided by a question that he read in a book. The question that pierced John’s heart was this: Are you living a little life in your own little world, or are you willing to live a BIGLIFE, 
a life with a big impact for the Kingdom of God?  John began to struggle with realization that his perfect little life was perfectly shallow.
After wrestling with God, John walked away from his business to join God where He was already working. A ministry called Biglife was started. Biglife now serves in 147 countries, reaching millions of people with the Gospel message in some of the darkest strongholds on earth. Through life-on-life discipleship, living a life with a big Kingdom impact is the core of everything we do and the heartbeat of who we are.

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