Ilan Sobel & Rick Heil

CEO, BioHarvest & Lead Singer, Sonicflood

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Ilan Sobel is the CEO of Bioharvest Sciences, an Israeli company that marries science and technology with the power of nature to develop proprietary biofarming technology, which invariably will change the landscape of the pharmaceutical and health supplements industries.  Prior to joining Bioharvest, Ilan’s story is fascinating: From working for the Coca Cola company for 18 years, developing new health brands in places such as Mongolia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and more, to building a disruptive BIG Data, IOT & software company servicing major beverage brands, which was ultimately purchased by one of the world’s largest brewing companies.

Rick Heil is the lead singer of SONICFLOOd, the band known as the "fathers of the modern worship movement." His musical talents have garnered multiple Grammy nominations along with Dove and ASCAP awards. He has traveled the world, leading worship for almost 3 decades sharing his testimony of God’s healing power over sin and sickness. Having been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease at 11 yrs. old, he is a walking miracle!   Next year (2024) SONICFLOOd will have been ministering for 25 years. They are currently scheduling their One Nation Under God tour to celebrate!... coming to a town near you. For more info go to… 

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