Rik Roberts and Allan Newsome

Co-Stars, “Mayberry Man”

ASTOUNDING tribute to the "Andy Griffith Show." Rik Roberts and co-star Allan Newsome have been doing impersonations of Barney Fife and Floyd Lawson, respectively, for almost 30 years. They released a new film, “Mayberry Man”. Don’t miss this interview!

“Arrogant movie star Chris Stone is busted for speeding in a small town and is sentenced to attend Mayberry Fest. The week-long festival celebrating The Andy Griffith Show was a favorite occurrence for his father who had played a small role in the series. Cris experiences a modern-day version of Mayberry. This forces him out of his Hollywood bubble and given the chance to discover the true meaning of friendship and family.” The movie is in no way a “remake” or a “reboot” of the TV series. But, since the story takes place during a Mayberry festival, it does capture the spirit of the show. Throughout the film, you will see tribute artists, impersonators, and countless references to the show. Karen Knotts makes an appearance in the film. And, the widow of Earle Hagen even granted the rights to some of the music her husband created for the Andy Griffith show.

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