John Stubbins

Host, "Indivisible"

John Michael Stubbins is an Actor, Voice Talent (with over 600 character voices in his repertoire), Show Host, Writer & Producer. John was born in Little Rock, Arkansas but grew up mostly in Columbus, Ohio. After high school, John joined the United States Air Force, then worked in corporate America for several years while working on his degree in Accounting & Marketing.

In 1998, a chance invitation to audition at The Actors Institute (TAI) in New York City soon became a life changing experience. John excelled in the audition and was offered a scholarship to study the Mastery of Acting full time at TAI. This completely altered John’s career course. After graduating from TAI, John quickly made his first four appearances in film (“Brooklyn Sonnet”, “Traffic”, “Blind Turn”) and was then offered a two-part mini-series on ABC. Rehearsals were to begin at 7pm on the evening of what we now know as 9/11. Needless to say, those rehearsals never took place that day, the project was cancelled and John’s career quickly derailed from the momentum it had going.

John spent the next eight years working to recover from the blow of 9/11. With hard work, he recovered nicely. He landed numerous commercials with his repertoire of over 600-character voices, including Wendy’s frosty’s. He went on to become Lieutenant Frank Morelli in the highly acclaimed series “Aidan 5”, did a one man show, plus speaking events as Coach Woody Hayes. John also called play by play for FOX/BTN college baseball before moving back to film in the final installment of the Batman trilogy, “The Dark Knight Rises”.

It was 2011 when John was introduced to Mark Koch. A family member felt strongly that they would be a great fit to work together as a team in film. Mark had already produced “Lost in Space”, “Black Dog”, “The Perfect Game”, “Running the Sahara” and worked with Mel Gibson on P&A for “The Passion of the Christ”. In February 2017, Mark asked John to become his Vice President at Prelude Publishing. In 2019, Mark made John, Sr. VP of Development for Prelude Pictures.

March 2020, he was challenged by David Padrusch to put together a pilot for a new show. Over 113 interviews later, “INDIVISIBLE with John Stubbins” is growing very rapidly, building a strong following on multiple social media platforms and the show is now moving to television.

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