Robbie Shoults

Owner, Bear Creek Smokehouse

Third-generation owner of Bear Creek Smokehouse, Robbie Shoults is a five-time guest judge on The Food Network’s Beat Bobby Flay, says, “People come to Bear Creek from all over the country and stay anywhere from a few hours to a whole day for a memorable experience!” Robbie has been seen on NTD News, CBS, Huckabee, The ListWGN's Lunchbreak, the TODAY show, Rachael Ray, and many more. Bear Creek Smokehouse came from very humble beginnings as Hick and Nellie Shoults were growing cotton and corn, raising cattle and hogs, as well as providing seasonal vegetables to local grocery stores in East Texas. The couple was struggling to make ends meet as they emerged from the Great Depression and were experiencing the side effects of World War II. Times were hard and they needed more food on the table as their family grew on the 1,500-acre farm. In 1943, the Shoults began a new journey, raising turkeys, one that would last for generations to come and help put holiday meals on tables all across America.

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