Mark Meckler

President, Convention of States

Mark Jay Meckler is an American political activist, attorney, and business executive. He currently serves as President of Citizens for Self-Governance and Convention of States Action, and is an active proponent of a convention to propose amendments to the United States Constitution.

Mark Meckler co-founded one of the largest grassroots political organizations aligned with the Tea Party movement, the Tea Party Patriots. He is currently president of Citizens For Self- Governance, “an organization that empowers citizens — not government — to make the crucial decisions that affect their lives.” He is also the leader of the Convention of States, which seeks to make legislative changes to a system he believes has become dysfunctional because citizens have less and less control over their own lives. Meckler feels the system as it exists now “is rigged to support the entrenchment of power,”contrary to the American ideal of a free society where individuals decide for themselves how to form their own communities and govern themselves.

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