Gino Vannelli

Platinum Selling Contemporary Artist

Gino Vannelli has been one of the most dynamic and enduring artists since his 1970 debut.  The singer, songwriter, arranger, and producer is in what must be a small class of artists who have scaled the upper reaches of Billboard’s pop, rock, adult contemporary, R & B, club, jazz and classical charts. He hit his stride in the mid-‘70s with bold albums appealing to all of those audiences and more while centering his lithe, soaring, and virtuosic vocals with total conviction. A hot streak of gold records in Vannelli’s native Cananda culminated in Brother to Brother (1978), a platinum album featuring the Canadian number one hit, “I Just Wanna Stop” also a Grammy-nominated Top Ten U.S. hit. Since his second Canadian platinum album , Black Cars (1984), Vanelli has moved steadily from one unpredictable project to the next, including Yonder Trees (1995), Canto (2002), and Wilderness Road (2019)

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