Curt Cearley

Founder, Rise Raptor Project

Curt gained formal training at the renowned World Bird Sanctuary in St. Louis Missouri. During 5 years under Walter C. Crawford Jr., Curt participated in bird of prey conservation and education. He cared for a variety of birds, from delicate Saw Whet Owls to powerful Bald Eagles, and playful Andean Condors. What’s more, Curt assisted in a variety of activities. Some of these included public awareness and Peregrine Falcon reintroduction programs, Bald Eagle population surveys, raptor rehabilitation, management, release evaluation, and general training.  Curt now speaks to thousands of people. He loves to teach about the most powerful birds in the world, telling others why they are important for a healthy environment. His presentations also include why they have fascinated people over thousands of years.  As a natural extension of 24 years of work with birds of prey, Curt became the founder of the Rise Raptor Project, Inc.; an organization whose impact continues to expand each year.

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