Josh Smith

Founder/President, Montana Knife Company

Josh Smith: Founder and President of Montana Knife Company. Josh and Montana Knife Company define American values, American manufacturing, and the hard work that makes America the greatest nation in the world. Josh has been featued on F&F and Fox Business and is regularly featured on Joe Rogan's podcast. Starting in his garage during Covid while working as a lineman, Josh is an example of the American dream proving that with hard work - anything is possible. His company has hundreds of thousands of organic social media followers and millions of dollars in sales while refusing to outsource to China, and remaining American made. At this time of global unrest and unreliable foreign manufacturing chains and shipping delays - Josh is an advocate for self-sustainable American manufacturing. Josh can speak to the difficult cost and regulations of doing business under this administration, the fact that American hunting is also under attack, and that the true American values of hard work, the 2nd Amendment, pro-economy, and pro-America are harder to obtain that ever - but still possible. 

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